About Us

Abacus Electrical Engineers brings vast Electrical experience over 30 years in the field to the table having organised exceptional projects. We expect to continue our efforts inclined at making a difference in Electrical Engineering. Our work scope has consisted of both residential and commercial projects. We have helped  in optimal, cost effective and power efficient solution for our clients.

360 Degree Electrification

Our professionalism at Abacus Electrical Engineers enables us to work not only better but special in everything. Our service scope consists from High Tension/Voltage Electrification solutions to Low Tension/Voltage Solutions

Work Scope

Electrical Contracting

Our team consists of pioneers having electrical contracting experience over 30 years in industry.


Industrial Switchgear and Distribution Solutions. Electrification Solutions will be proposed as per need

Custom Solutions

We can help implement effective Electrical Solutions upon your requirements customised as per your need.

Safety Solutions

Residential and Commercial Earthing Solutions and Surge Protection systems. These enable you to safely work without Electricity Hazards


We build things and take care of them


We ensure trust with our client through our long history of timely commitment and commencement of works


Our team consists of highly experienced people. This team was gathered over time with experience and are capable enough to handle everything.


Our solutions are built with a top quality , cost effective and timed mindset. This enables our professional workforce to take charge for your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer and public’s general queries

What is the difference between your team and other workers?

Primarily, our objective is to get our clients timely deliverance of their works. Apart from this, we follow strict rules of integrity that ensure satisfaction as well as quality professionalism – enabling us to help the client, while making a good name for ourselves.

How is the safety at your company?

By all means, we ensure the safety of our team for a pleasant experience. As soon as a project starts, a list of safety materials is generated by our operations department and are put into procurement. Usually, all equipment is quickly procured except for safety shoes because we have high standards. All safety items are shipped and given to our team for use.

I have some Electrical works and Electricians and would need your supervision

We have completed a number of projects where the client has asked for utilisation of their own resources. We will adjust the labour assistance provided in the works and present you with adjusted rates/ and pricing.

I have some work for your team. How does this work?

Simply fill the form at the Top of this page or click here. Our team member will reach you and schedule a visit. Upon the visit feedback, we will send you our quote upon which you can give us the Go-Ahead to start work.